WJ Taper Thread Drill Rod

Image of Stacked WJ Taper Thread Drill Rods

Download our WJ Drill Rod catalog (.PDF) here.

Product Number Drill Rod Length Weight
80010AWJ10 ft47.9 lbs
80011AWJ5 ft23.2 lbs
80012AWJ2 ft9.2 lbs
80013BWJ10 ft57 lbs
80014BWJ5 ft29 lbs
80015NWJ10 ft67.9 lbs
80016NWJ5 ft35.9 lbs
80015NWJ2 ft14.4 lbs

Our “J” rod is the highest quality on the market today it is mo7e durable and has a longer wear life. The tool joint’s are manufactured from 4140 alloy steel which we heat treat to further enhance their strength and durability.

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W Series Drill Rod

Image of Various W Series Drill Rods
Product Number Drill Rod Length
80000AW Drill Rod2 ft
80001AW Drill Rod5 ft
80003AW Drill Rod10 ft
80004Coupling for AW Drill Rod 
80005NW Drill Rod2 ft
80006NW Drill Rod5 ft
80007NW Drill Rod10 ft
80008Coupling for NW Rod 
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