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Sonic Fishing Tools

Fishing tools are engineered from 4130 heat treated material. Tube Technologies’ taper taps are completely manufactured in house (with the exception of the heat treating process). A male threaded retrieving device that is designed to recover lost tooling by screwing into the female thread of the drilling tool (fish).

Image of Taper Tap for Fishing Tool

Taper Tap

Image of External Catch Tap for Sonic Fishing Tool

External Catch Tap

On the non-retrieving end of the Taper Tap we offer any type of connection. Tube Technologies also allows complete customization of the all dimensions of any Taper Tap

Product Number Description Size Thread
75000 Overshot 3 ½ RH - H90
75001 Tap – Tapered 4 ½ H90 RH w/ B x B coupler
75002 Tap – Tapered 5 7/8 H90
75003 Tap – Tapered 6.0 H90
75004 Tap – Tapered 7 5/8’s H90
75006 Tap – Tapered 8 5/8’s H90
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